• Short and compact: this locomotive is ideal for intensive shunting work
  • Vierachsige Variante


Modular shunting locomotive for industrial and port use
Efficient logistical processes and the smooth distribution of goods in industry, freight depots and ports as well as compliance with the latest environmental standards are fundamental requirements for today’s rolling stock fleet operators. Robust, reliable locomotives are called for, capable of continuous operation on a wide range of assignments. At the same time they need to be flexible and designed to meet the needs of the future, which means firstly being able to comply with increasingly restrictive requirements and secondly being equipped to handle new technological developments.

With these points in mind, Schalke has developed a specially adapted locomotive concept. The ModuTrac locomotive is modularly designed and equipped with quickly exchange-able power modules, enabling it to switch from one mode of traction to another, from diesel to battery operation for example. This ability makes the locomotive extremely flex-ible to use and means it can also be operated with the technologies of the future. The modular design is made possible by state-of-the-art inverter technology. The ModuTrac locomo-tive can be manufactured either as a compact two-axle unit approximately 8 metres long or as a 17-metre, high-performance, four-axle version with correspondingly greater traction capability. With tractive effort between 150 and 390 kN and a maximum speed of 60 km/h, this locomotive provides the right solution for every purpose. Its ergonomically designed cab provides a good all-round view and can be optionally fitted with a camera to ease coupling procedures.

- Robust, modular design
- Various traction concepts available
- Future proven through exchangeable modules
- Designed for maximum efficiency and reliability
- Optional accessories such as radio remote control, train radio communication or air conditioning

Technical Data

Power Modules: Diesel-Powerpack, Battery-Powerpack
Power Transmission: AC
Weight: 40–45 t / 80–90 t
Axle Arrangement: Bo / Bo’Bo’
Track Gauge: 1,000–1,600 mm
Power: 390 / 1,800 kW
Length: 8,000 / 17,000 mm
Width: 3,000 mm
Height: 4,250 mm
Maximum Speed: 50 / 60 km/h
Tractive Effort: 150 / 390 kN (at μ = 0.33)