• Extremely flexible: can be used as a small-scale production locomotive or as a service vehicle in larger mines.


Modular production and service  locomotive
Using a modular system, this small ModuTrac locomotive was developed by Schalke as a new standard vehicle and enlarges the company’s portfolio for mining vehicles to include a model that features a comparatively low total weight. It is ideal for use as a production locomotive in smaller mines with lower capacities, but can also be practical for use in larger-scale mines, for example as a service vehicle. Although its design is fundamentally simple, the technology used in it is still of excellent quality and the locomotive itself is extremely robust and long-lasting.

This ModuTrac locomotive is highly flexible and modularly designed to make it suitable for as many locations and applications as possible. For example, various distances be-tween axles can be selected. Custom-ers can choose from gauge widths between 700 and 1,435 mm. Weights vary between 10 and 20 tonnes. The types and heights of the couplings are just as variably selectable and can be precisely ordered to suit on-site requirements. The power system of the ModuTrac is also extremely variable and offers a choice of traction batteries with up to 300 Ah capacity that provide sufficient power for an entire shift, but also a diesel generator unit with up to 150 kW of power output and a pantograph for straightforward electrical operation via overhead catenary.

In addition to the typical Schalke qualities, such as long-lasting robustness, a great feature of this locomotive is its nimble ability to negotiate even the tightest of curves with radii as small as 17 metres. Furthermore, this ModuTrac locomotive can also be manufactured in a special ATEX-approved version for coal mines.

This new type of ModuTrac locomotive has a number of predecessors on which the new design is based. Due to their durability, many of these are still in operation today and their references include mines in countries such as Germany, Slovenia and Japan.

- Wide range of applications: designed for use as both production and service locomotives
- Simple but robust with technically outstanding design
- Modular design with various track gauges, weights, couplings,etc.
- Various power units available: Battery-Powerpack, Diesel-Powerpack or electrically powered via overhead catenary

Technical data

Power Modules: Powerpacks (Diesel and Batterie), Pantograph
Power Transmission: AC
Weight: 10–20 t
Axle Arrangement: Bo
Track Gauge: 700-1,435 mm
Power: 100 kW
Length: 6,660 mm
Width: 1,150–1,600 mm
Height: 1,800 mm
Maximum Speed: 15 km/h
Tractive Effort: 20,0–35,0 kN (at μ = 0,2)
Transport Capacity: Fully Loaded Train: up to 150 t