• Powerful and reliable: production locomotive for iron ore mining in Kiruna, Sweden


Multi system production locomotive
This locomotive is designed with an end cab and has a total weight of 108 tonnes, distributed over four axles. Each wheelset is driven by a 225-kW AC traction motor and can be individually controlled, thanks to state-of-the-art, amongst others liquid-cooled, IGBT-controlled traction converter technology. The power can be supplied by various hybrid options, including a vertical pantograph for overhead catenary operation and also a horizontal pantograph for side catenary operation. The locomotive is additionally equipped with Battery-Powerpacks, enabling it to operate without an external power supply. This locomotive is equipped with an impressive range of the latest modular traction technology.

In typical Schalke style, the engineer-ing and the carefully selected components keep running and maintenance costs to an absolute minimum. The wear-free, electro-dynamic main brake is capable of bringing the entire train to a standstill, for example 1,500 tonnes of unbraked train capacity can be brought from 25 km/h to a complete halt. The electro-dynamic traction technology enables the locomotive to halt briefly or stop and start on ascending slopes without a problem. The pneumatic service brake is equipped with a spring-loaded function and only designed for use in emergencies or for prolonged parking.

Further features of this locomotive are its highly efficient slip-and-slide protection system and its state-of-the-art AC traction technology, which also ensures reduced maintenance and downtime costs. The locomotive can be divided into four separate modules to facilitate transportation and assembly underground. A train protection system for outstanding operating safety and a train auto-
mation system for driverless oper-ation are also optionally available.

In use in Kiruna
The Kiruna mine is the largest underground iron ore mine in the world and operated by the Swedish state-owned company LKAB. Schalke locomotives operate on a new main level at a depth of 1,365 metres – fully automatically, driverless and around the clock. 365 days a year, day and night.

- Hybrid power supply: overhead pantograph, side pantograph and Battery-Powerpack
- Locomotive can be divided into four modules for underground transportation to its final point of assembly
- Capable of bringing unbraked train capacity of up to 1,500 tonnes to a standstill
- Designed for fully automatic, driverless, round-the-clock use

Technical Data

Power Modules: Battery-Powerpack, Pantograph (overhead/side)
Power Transmission: AC
Weight: 108 t
Axle Arrangement: Bo’Bo’
Track Gauge: 1,435 mm
Power: 900 kW
Length: 11,300 mm
Width: 3,050 mm
Height: 3,400 mm
Maximum Speed: 25 km/h
Tractive Effort: 223 kN (at μ = 0,21)
Transport Capacity: Fully Loaded Train: 1,608 t