• Versatile for the mountains: universal locomotive in use by Rhaetian Railway in Switzerland

GMF 4/4 287

Diesel-electric locomotive
Schalke developed the four-axle GMF 4/4 287 diesel-electric locomotive especially for the needs of the “Infrastructure” department of Switzerland’s Rhaetian Railway. Its design fulfils a broad range of basic requirements for special circumstances, as the railway has a narrow loading gauge (tunnel gauge) and a low axle load of 16 tonnes. The narrow, metre-gauge track gauge includes small curve radii as tight as 40 metres. The locomotive is particularly suitable for high-altitude areas with steep slopes of 70‰ as an adhesion railway. Moreover, it is reliable under extreme climatic conditions: its application range stretches from temperatures of -35 °C to +40 °C and it even runs on fine, crystalline snow.

The implementation of these technical challenges has been combined with the integration of numerous specific components. For example, the locomotive is fitted with four different types of brake system, possess-es the ability to run in multiple unit operation of up to three locomotives and is capable of a maximum speed of 100 km/h.

The official operating authorisation granted by the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (Schweizer Bundesamt für Verkehr - BAV) also makes this diesel locomotive unique on the market. Its main duties comprise the transportation of heavy construction trains or special-purpose trains, even if the catenary wire is switched off, the operation of snow blowers in the winter, the rescue of trains that have broken down and shunting in various districts.

In use by Rhaetian Railway
Rhaetian Railway operates locomo-tives on spectacular routes, some of which are under UNESCO World Heritage protection. The routes feature very tight curve radii and ex-tremely steep ascents and descents.

- High power density with 1,800 kW, low axle load and small loading gauge
- Designed to withstand extreme conditions such as cold and steep gradients
- Newly developed bogie for maximum speed of 100 km/h and small curve radii as tight as 40 metres
- Integration of four different brake systems

Technical Data

Power Module: Diesel Engine
Power Transmission: AC
Weight: 64 t
Axle Arrangement: Bo’Bo’
Track Gauge: 1,000 mm
Power: 1,800 kW
Length: 16,690 mm
Width: 2,650 mm
Height: 3,885 mm
Maximum Speed: 100 km/h
Tractive Effort: 210 kN (at μ=0,33)