• Versatile and modularly designed for narrow structure gauges: this service locomotive is ideal for use in underground, city and narrow-gauge networks
  • For different purposes: examples with different configurations


Modular multi system service and shunting locomotive
This four-axle locomotive with reduced loading gauge has an unladen weight of between 48 and 64 tonnes and is an extremely versatile, reliable working vehicle. Developed for the operators and service companies of underground and urban rail services, this traction vehicle is very useful for duties such as constructing or maintaining infrastructure.

Due to its modular design, its traction technology and modules can be combined in a variety of ways to suit the requirements of the customer. The locomotive can be supplied with the required power via a number of different modules: a Diesel-Powerpack, Battery-Powerpack, a pantograph for catenary operation or a third rail are all available and can be either combined with one another or simply used alternately. Thus the locomotive can be easily optimised to suit the intended purpose, for example by switching to environmentally friendly battery operation when working in or near residential areas. The ModuTrac design makes Schalke locomotives particularly economical and well equipped for the future, since any new power-source technologies that emerge can also be simply integrated as new modules in the existing set-up. Other features also make this ModuTrac Locomotive highly versatile: such as the specially developed bogies, which can cover all known track gauges from 914 to 1,676 mm. The extremely narrow loading gauge and the low axle load between 12 and 16 tonnes makes the vehicle suitable for use in practically all tram and underground subway networks throughout the world. This narrow-gauge locomotive reaches a maximum speed of 60 km/h and is a highly efficient workhorse that is suitable for a wide range of service tasks.

- Locomotive with narrow loading gauge, reduced axle loads and various track gauges
- Modular platform concept with regard to power supply and modular locomotive lay-outs
- AC traction technology for use with a wide variety of power supply modules (electricity, battery and diesel traction)

Technical Data

Power Modules: Powerpacks (Diesel and Batterie), Pantograph
Power Transmission: AC
Weight: 48–64 t
Axle Arrangement: Bo’Bo’
Track Gauge: 914 mm–1,676 mm
Power: 800 kW (e-traction)
Length: 15,430 mm
Width: 2,540 mm
Height: 3,550 mm
Maximum Speed: 60 km/h
Tractive Effort: up to 210 kN (at μ = 0,33)