• Robust and versatile: the production locomotive was developed for use in the Grasberg mine in Indonesia


Modular multi system production locomotive
With a total weight of 40 tonnes, this ModuTrac locomotive is designed with a central cab and is currently the heaviest twin-axle locomotive Schalke manufactures. Each wheelset is driven by a 135-kW AC electric traction motor. Two state-of-the-art, amongst others liquid-cooled IGBT-controlled traction converters make it possible to control each wheelset individually. The locomotive is designed with a hybrid power supply system, featuring a pantograph for overhead catenary and Powerpacks for diesel or battery operation. The Powerpacks can be quickly and smoothly replaced in approximately one hour as required. This ModuTrac locomotive is therefore equipped with several state-of-the-art traction technology systems simultaneously.

Furthermore, the locomotive features numerous characteristics typical for Schalke products that keep operating and maintenance costs low. These include the electro-dynamic main brake, which is powered by the traction converter and strong enough to bring the entire train to a standstill if required. In cases of emergency or for prolonged parking, the locomotive is equipped with a pneumatic service brake, which includes a spring-loaded function. Moreover, a highly efficient slip-and-slide protection system is used, ensuring the optimal use of available tractive forces, depending, of course, on the wheel-rail friction coefficient.

State-of-the-art AC traction technol-ogy ensures reduced maintenance costs and standstill period compared with DC systems. A train protection system for outstanding operating safety and an train automation system for driverless operation are also optionally available.

In use at the Grasberg and Esmeralda mines
These ModuTrac locomotives are in use in PT Freeport’s Grasberg underground mine in Indonesia. In one of the world’s largest copper mines and simultaneously the world’s currently largest gold mine, they transport all of the extracted material in a driverless, round-the-clock, fully automated system. The predecessors of these locomotives still operate in the Andes mountains of Chile. They also work underground in the Esmeralda mine, which is part of the El Teniente mining complex operated by Codelco.

- Hybrid energy supply: pantograph and Powerpacks (diesel or battery)
- Fast switching from Diesel-Powerpack to Battery-Powerpack and vice versa
- Central driver‘s cab for a good view in both directions
- Capable of bringing unbraked train capacity of up to 700 tonnes to a standstill
- Designed for fully automatic, driverless, round-the-clock use

Technical Data

Power Modules: Powerpacks (Battery and Diesel), Pantograph
Power Transmission: AC
Weight 40 t
Axle Arrangement Bo
Track Gauge 1,435 mm
Power 270 kW
Length: 8,000 mm
Width: 3,000 mm
Height: 3,650 mm
Maximum Speed: 25 km/h
Tractive Effort: 98 kN (at μ = 0,21)
Transport Capacity: Fully Loaded Train: 708 t