Modular production and service  locomotive
This locomotive is the little sister to our SMT-M-100-BDE and the smallest loco in our portfolio. This locomotive is ideal for use as a production and service locomotive with low total weight in smaller mines with lower capacities, but also suitable as a service vehicle in larger scale mines.

The simple, but no less solid design combined with high-grade technology similar to the SMT-M-100-BDE allows the use under the harshest conditions.

The SMT-M-90-BDE locomotive based on our ModuTrac technology to make it suitable for as many locations and applications as possible.

Apart from the variable service weight from 4 to 10 tonnes, these locomotives can also be realized with track gauges of 609mm up to 914mm.

These locomotives can be equipped with traction batteries with capacities up to 510 Ah, alternatively with diesel generator or pantograph for pure electric operation.

- Wide range of applications: designed for use as both production and service locomotives
- Simple but robust with technically outstanding design
- Modular design with various track gauges, weights, couplings,etc.
- Various power units available: Battery-Powerpack, Diesel-Powerpack or electrically powered via overhead catenary

Technical Data

Power Modules: Powerpacks (Diesel and Batterie), Pantograph
Power Transmission: AC
Weight: 4 - 10 t
Axle Arrangement: B
Track Gauge: 609 - 914 mm
Power: 38 - 76 kW
Length: ab 3.300 mm
Width: ab 1.100 mm
Height: 1.500 mm
Maximum Speed: 15 km/h